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Provision of emergency health assistance to IDPs and host communities: 1,508 People joined malaria screening in Aweil West

South Sudan –  More than 1,500 individuals screened for malaria in Aweil West where 404 malaria cases were confirmed.  The emergency health assistance came as a result of serious implications on health service delivery, which has forced many communities to unfavorable situation. Currently there is an increased pressure on the already week health care system which has directly affected the health status of the population.  Thanks to the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund for their undying efforts to ensure that vulnerable people within South Sudan must have access to medical health services. IHO is continuing to provide emergency response to the targeted 25,714 people in Aweil West and Aweil Central who need the much awaited health care and Nutrition services.

Residence in Awei East attending IHO General Medical Consultations

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Jolem Mwanje


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