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Round Table Meeting for health Budget Increment concluded in Juba

South Sudan – Amidst challenges of health service delivery in the Republic of South Sudan, Impact Health Organization has successfully organized a round table meeting for increment of the National Health Budget to atleast 6% in the Financial Year 2018/2019 in the country. The long awaited meeting was chaired by the National Health Committtee for HIV/AIDS Republic of South Sudan, representatives from the National Ministry of Finance, Human Rights Commission, National Civil Society Organizations and media houses in order to advocate for the health sector in achieving the 2001 Abuja declartion where all member states must contribute 15% of the national budget towards health sector in which South Sudan became a signatory after Indepence in 2011. As a country that has been affected by civil war since 2013, the right to quality, effective and sufficient access to health services has become less fundamental with high maternal deaths (2,054/100,000 live birth) among the women which indicates 1 in 7 women do die during preganacy in South Sudan. All these factors are contributed due to the lack of social services such as clean water, basic sanitation, essential medicines, and poor health services including infrastructure. The meeting came to an end with an agreement made by all Committees from the National Legislative Assembly and all other invited bodies to put the Bill forward for approval by the Members of Parliament for the health budget to be increased to 6 percent in the 2018/2019 Financial Year.

Members of Parliament Committee for Health and HIV/AIDS, Representatives from the Ministry of Finance,Civil Society Organizations and media houses attending the round table meeting.

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