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We will lobby to increase the National Health Budget to 6 %: South Sudan Members of Parliament Committee for Healtht and HIV/AIDS, CSOs & Media Houses

The National Legislative Members of Parliament led by Hon. Catherine Peter LA have agreed to contionusly lobby for the health budget increment in the Republic of South Sudan. Speaking during a  tour organized by Impact Health Organization to three maternity wards in Juba (Munuki PHCC, Kator PHCC, & Juba Teaching Hospital), Hon. Catherine insisted that the situation of health service delivery in the country need urgent improvement to save more lives of mothers and children who are the most vulnerable population to such cases. The tour was attended by members from National Legislative Committee for Health & HIV/AIDS, officials from the MOH, Civil Society Based Organizations, & three media house to advocate for the National Health Budget Increment to at least 6% in this coming Financial Year 2018/2019. Using the 2006 South Sudan Household Survey, maternal mortality ratio (MMR) was reported at 2,054 per 100,000 live births in the country compared to Norway, a country with only 5 deaths per 100,000 births. This means South Sudanese women are 410 times more likely to die during pregnancy than their Norwegian conterparts. Although WHO and World Bank report a reduction to 789 per 100,000 live births still the health sector remains underfunded with only about 2 % of the country’s budget directed towards health. In the same regard, the budgeting process remains unknown to the civil society organizations as well as the media. In this manner it limits the participation of the CSOs in the budget process in the country. For more stories please visit us at

Members of Parliament, CSOs & Media Personnel pose for a group photo at IHO Main office after touring three maternity hospitals in Juba Republic of South Sudan

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