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IHO brings hope to internally displaced woman, improving family welfare.

With support from different agencies to the IDPs in Nyalath IDP site, Aziza a mother of 4 children and the wife to Mr. Ahmed Rajab Mohammed stays stressed all the time in the camp. She (Aziza) is one of the hundreds people living in Nyalath IDP Site. The support given to her was not enough for the family which became worse when she stopped eating making her to cry helplessly day and night. Majority of the people here were displaced from Raja during the crisis of 2016. Life was very hard in the camp and almost all the families live on a meal or even some times without a meal per day. There were all sorts of challenges in the camp; the most common was access to clean drinking water, shelter and other basic human needs. Aziza’s hope was restored when she was brought by the camp leaders to Nyalath PHCU where IHO had psychosocial first aid services. First she was attended to by one of IHO Health Worker on ground who assured her to be strong and courageous on the basis that she has a future ahead and at the same time a family to cater for and that changing life would start with her doing something about her situation rather than crying. The attending Health Worker told Aziza that there are people who would be able to support her to achieve a life she wanted and he would help connect her in case she needed help. After two days Aziza came back for review, she reportedly said she would like to do farming but she doesn’t have the tools. Dream became true for Aziza as she was preparing herself for a self-reliant opportunity. This point was already noted down by the Health Worker. The following day IHO teams took the initiatives to talk to the Payam Administrator who provided Aziza with 2 hoes. As we speak today, Aziz is just one of many people who have benefited from IHO psychosocial first aid services during the six months of the project. She has found a passion for herself and her family through cultivation. She now cultivates enough farm produces for both business and house hold use.

“Before I went to the Nyalath PHCU and got the advice from the IHO doctor, I was totally hopeless, I could only think of dying because when I think about the problems I had, I got no answer but am happy that the advice that I got has really helped me a lot because within this short period of time, the business of selling OKRA has greatly change the life of my family. I can now live a happy life because I hoped that God will help me to support my family through the small business that we have started” said Aziza.

Showing Aziza with her husband preparing “OKRA” for sell

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