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Eight (8) years old girl Saved by IHO Mobile Team in Joorga Aweil West

Ayak Jane is 8 years old and first born to Bakita Josephine and Dut Michael. Her parents are local peasants from Joorga Boma in Aweil West County an area with no access to health services that depended entirely on outreaches or people would foot for more than 4 hours to access health services. First Ayak developed very high temperatures, vomiting, diarrhea, and she refused to eat for two days at home. The parents tried to give her some herbal medicines so that it would improve her health conditions but it was all in vain.

Ayak was lucky enough as the day her sickness worsened, was the same day IHO Mobile Teams had shifted to Joorga Boma. It is during this period that was enough to save her life after being brought to the mobile clinic by her mother. However after reaching the Mobile Clinic still her situation was not manageable which made IHO team referred Ayak to Marialbaii PHCC after injecting her with drugs that stopped her from convulsing. At Marialbaii PHCC, the doctor on duty examined Ayak as she was still unconscious, he also did some laboratory tests and found out that she had severe malaria and later was resuscitated with ringers lactate before she was given intravenous quinine injection and among other prescribed drugs. The girl whose parents had lost hope for her survival was filled with Joy when their daughter (Ayak) gained consciousness after 4 hours. Three days later Ayak really improved and she was immediately discharged from Marialbaii PHCC.

File Photo: (a) Ayak in critical condition being referred by IHO Mobile Team to Marialbaii PHCC  

File Photo (b) Ayak and her mother and one of IHO Health Worker poses for a photo after being discharged from Marialbaii PHCC in Aweil West

Just like other girls in some parts of South Sudan who consistently need help, Ayak is one of the thousands of children whose lives have been saved by IHO Mobile Team throughout the project implementation period in Aweil West, former Northern Bahar el Ghazal State. 

“I really appreciate IHO medical teams for saving my daughter’s life and many people’s lives, I and my husband were confused because we wanted only to take our daughter to the witchdoctor in our village here who is well known for helping people as we could not afford to take our child up to Marialbaii PHCC because of long distance that could take us more than 4 hours to reach on foot. Many children have died from malaria in this village because of lack of health facility in this area, especially around July –September every year, well known as malaria season. I wish IHO teams to continue saving the lives of people in vulnerable communities in Aweil West, “Said Ayak’s mother as she kneels down to thank the doctors”,





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1 comment

  1. Jolem Mwanje 6 months ago November 2, 2018

    Thank you IHO Mobile Team for Saving the life of Ayak. You never know tomorrow what the future holds for her. Let us unite together to ensure people of Aweil get adquate and reliable medical services.


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