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Menstruation is a natural part of girls and some women who are growing up which is purely linked to the reproductive cycle in which blood is lost through the vagina. It is also called “menstrual period” or monthly period. Before and during this stages of development, a girl will undergo physical changes like growing breasts, wider hips, body hair and weight gain among others. Menstruation usually starts around 12 years of age and stops by 50; for some can be earlier or later. It normally occurs every month for 2 -7 days in which some may have cycles of 21, 28, or 35 days that involves heavy or light bleeding varies from person to person. Globally it is estimated that almost 1.8 billion women are in need of information, products, and private facilities. 52% of females in the world are of reproductive age. Every day, 800 + million women between the age of 15 and 49 years menstruate on an average for 3,000 days during her life time. In South Sudan alone, over 2 million school age girls drop out of school due to menstrual complication associated with lack of access to sanitary pads making the school-age girls to feel ashamed in which it translates to their drop out of schools at an early age before completing primary education. Most of these young girls stay away for 2 -4 days per month due to difficulties in taking care of themselves. All this leads to mental, physical and emotional trauma for school age girls. Factors such as strong traditional norms, peer groups (i.e. Niggers), poverty and prolonged conflicts in the country are all seen as major setbacks in the development of school – age girls in South Sudan.

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