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IHO-Teenage Health and information Centre

IHO-Teenage Health and information Centre

This is the first Centre of this kind in the country

Impact Health Organization-Teenage Information and Health Centre (IHO-TIHC) is a pioneer program in providing youth friendly Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) services in South Sudan. The Initial center is located in Juba town capital city of South Sudan with an aim of having a Centre in every state of South Sudan.  This is the first Centre of this kind in the country.


  • Medical (i.e. STI diagnosis and Treatment)
  • Antenatal care
  • Family Planning
  • Counselling and Emotional support
  • HIV testing, care and Treatment
  • Toll free line help
  • Teen radio program
  • Parent Radio program
  • Outreach
  • Teen clubs
  • Training and Research
  • Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive health rights
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Sexual Gender Based Violence


  • Services

    IHO-TIHC values provision of quality youth friendly services to young people regardless of race, gender, education status or religious affiliation. Provision of timely and appropriate information to young people; young people make well informed decision if given accurate information

  • Clients

    IHO-TIHC values meaningful participation and involvement of young people in its programmes. The work of IHO-TIHC is guided by respect and acceptance of clients.

  • IHO-TIHC staff

    IHO-TIHC values staff with a high level of commitment to serving young people. TIHC values team work among its staff. IHO-TIHC values time management because staff time is considered one of the most valuable resources of the organization.

  • Partnership services

    Meaningful partnership with various stakeholders in ASRH complements IHO-TIHC programs and fills gap that IHO-TIHC is unable to fill. IHO-TIHC values sharing of knowledge in a mutual respectable way among partners. IHO-TIHC believes in learning from others as others also learn from IHO-TIHC


    To increase the access of young people to information and qualitative health services as well as other services that correspond to the definition and criteria of ‘youth-friendly’’


    “Young people are empowered in adolescent sexual reproductive health and their rights”


    “To advocate for and promote access to quality Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, information and empowerment to young people”

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