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Volunteer with Us

Volunteer with Us

We look forward to welcoming you!

Impact Health Organisation. "Saving Lives"

Why Volunteer with us? Coming to South Sudan you will be fully immersed in the rural community every day. Your mornings are focused on the project you select from our free program areas- Health, Nutrition or Water sanitation and Hygiene, however you can also engage in resource mobilization and fundraising activities. What makes volunteering at impact health organization different is that you will be able to decide what you want to do with the community or within the organization.

Do you need to pay to volunteer with us? No you dont need to pay to volunteer with us. All our volunteer opportunities are free of charge. This because were not for profit organization, beside your services will be benefiting our communities in South Sudan. You will only need money to cater for your feeding, accommodation and medical insurance.

What qualifications do you need yo Volunteer with us? Your experience is our experience, since you are motivated to work with us we shall always suit you the best position. Please do not worry about your experience.

What do you need to stay in South Sudan? Coming to South Sudan will require to gain a work permit and visa. Our team will help you secure the above.

Pre-departure Support: Our friendly staff are on hand to guide you through your booking, answer any questions you have and provide you with as much material as you need to help choose a volunteer program. They will also advise you on all documentation needed for your application, and also assist you with any other travel arrangements or requirements you need help with.

On-Project Support: As part of our responsible, it’s important to us to ensure our volunteers are fully prepared and briefed before beginning on a project.All volunteers go through a comprehensive orientation program once they arrive at their project destination. This encompasses training on the project tasks and activities, volunteer responsibilities, any risks and how to keep safe, education on the local culture and tips and advice for the duration of their stay. Our volunteer coordinators are available 24 hour support. One-on-one guidance during volunteer tasks and activities.

You will be support to find convenient and comfortable accommodation, transport will be available for free at any time to help you visit places, do shopping etc. as well as free wifi. Emails us at [email protected]

Come join us in this special place that will fill your heart with compassion and love.  We look forward to welcoming you!

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