Innovation towards Economic Recovery: "Inclusive Solutions for Resilient and Sustainable Communities"

The 2022 Youth Innovation Challenge, hosted by the Impact Health Organization (IHO) a national NGO based South Sudan with support from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), invites South Sudan youth, aged 18 to 25, to propose innovative, tangible, and youth-driven solutions to assist communities in their recovery from the both conflict
and COVID-19 pandemic and identify the intersection between human health, circular economy and livelihoods.

This challenge, under the theme Innovation towards both conflict and COVID-19 pandemic: Inclusive Solutions for Resilient and Sustainable Communities, encourages dynamic and creative young leaders to participate in actions, innovation, and transformation toward their communities’ recovery from the both conflict and COVID-19 pandemic.

Led by the impact Health Organisation, the challenge is seeking innovative proposals for kickstarting the both conflict and COVID recovery and grabs up 645000 SSP ($1500USD) in seed funding. “A successful solution proposes an innovation with clear societal benefits that also considers direct impacts for local
communities in South Sudan,” “Possible innovations could consider health well-being; efforts to build back the local and circular economy and livelihoods. Winning solutions will also have a gender, intercultural, and human rights focus.” Submit your solution by 17 June 2022

Although not all young people are affected in the same way. Down the road, the crisis has created life-long consequences for employment, health and welfare: young people of low socio-economic status or with lower educational qualifications; minorities including migrants and those with existing mental health conditions or disabilities. Given the disproportionate impact of youth in Sudan Sudan suffering during the Conflict and COVID-19 pandemic, young people must be at the forefront of planning for a post- Conflict and COVID-19 future

  • Identify one youth innovation idea winner
  • Project nominations by 17 June 2022 
  • Projects will be shortlisted by 21st June 2022 and the qualifying individuals or teams notified by 23rd June 2022
    • The candidates will prepare to showcase their projects for final judgment on 30 June 2022
    • Project must not exceed 645000 SSP ($1500USD).

Judging Criteria

  • Projects will be assessed based on innovativeness, originality, social impact as well as economic viability.
  • Participants must be aged between 18-25 years of age.
  • If the choose to work as a team should have 1-3 team members and can have team members from diverse backgrounds .


• Cash prizes 645000 SSP ($1500USD)

Youth Show case their ideas and expressions

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